Environmental Mining Evening at Sodankylä

The Municipality of Sodankylä organized an open public event on mining affairs on Tue 15th May 2012. The audience had the opportunity to raise questions to the responsible officials and comment on the speakers.
 Video 1
  • The influence of pollutants on the local settlement
  • Water quality
  • Adverse effects from mineral processing
  • The bottlenecks of the environmental processes
  • Toxic chemicals

Video 2
  • The state of the water systems
  • The opening of the Sakatti mine on a protected nature area
  • Dust effects
  • Dam safety
  • The impact of the mine's water usage on groundwaters.
Video 3
  • Pahtavaara EIA
  • The peat seal of the concentrating buddle
  • Extension of the mining district
  • Waste water treatment Type of explosive substances
  • Traffic volumes