The Information Evening of the Kevitsa Mine on 18th Jan 2011

Frequently asked
questions 1-9

1. Will Kevitsa have its own laboratory?
2. What will the shift work model be and how will it work in practice?
3. What is the purity of the returning mill water when it falls into the Kitinen River?
4. Who will supervise the environmental matters of the mine?
5. How vast the territory monitored for environmental impacts will be? When will the municipality hire a full-time environmental secretary?
6. What sort of moraine does the territory have?
7. How much mining products will be transported and where?
8. Will the mining district be fenced around?
9. How shall we proceed with the housing development problem?
Frequently asked
questions 10-14

10. Is it slower to quarry underground than on ground?
11. Will the mining dust spread up to Sodankylä?
12. How shall the employees' health care and other services be organized?
13. Could you use covers during the explosions, in order to prevent dust emissions?
14. How much has technical development affected the duplication of production?

Frequently asked
questions 15-17

15. After 20 years, when the mining operations will end, what shall be done with the quarry?
16. How will the staff travel to the mines?
17. How many contractors will be local companies, from Sodankylä or Lapland?